Are Chelsey and JC caylen still together? (2024)

How long did Chelsey date JC?

After less than a year of dating and almost fifteen years of friendship, Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy have called it quits.

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Is JC in a relationship?

As for Jc, the 26-year-old has been dating stylist Chelsey Amaro since December 2017. The pair is much more affectionate on social media than Kian and Ayla. On Chelsey's 23rd birthday, Jc wrote, "Happy birthday to my best friend in the entire universe. To many more adventures together, bebé, being with you excites me."

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How old is Justin caylen?


Do Kian and JC have girlfriends?

Meanwhile, Kian's BFF JC Caylen has been dating Chelsey Amaro since 2017.

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How long did Lia Marie Johnson and JC caylen date?

Who is Lia Marie Johnson boyfriend? Johnson has been in one confirmed relationship. She dated started dating JC Caylen, a fellow YouTuber, in 2014. Unfortunately, Lia Marie Johnson and JC Caylen broke up after two years of dating.

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Do JC couples last?

While the couples we spoke to generally agreed that many relationships in JC have short expiration dates, they maintained that they can last if the other aspects of one's life, such as one's grades and other interpersonal relationships, are managed well.

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What age is Kian Lawley?

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What nationality is JC Caylen?

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What is JCS net worth?

JC Caylen's net worth is estimated to be $4 Million.
Net Worth:$4 Million
Last Updated:August 2, 2022
6 more rows
2 Oct 2022


What's JCS real name?

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