Cincinnati bengals who dey chant lyrics? (2023)

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What do they say in the Bengals chant?

What is the whole 'Who Dey' cheer? While many fans just cry "Who Dey," there is a whole chant associated with the phrase coming from the Bengals' fight song "The Bengals Growl." The entire cheer goes: "Who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?" Fans then respond: "Nobody!"

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What is Bengals famous chant?

Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals? Noooobody.” It's the iconic rallying cry that echoes through the bars, streets and stadium in Cincinnati during Bengals season. A chant to unite the die-hard fans of this football franchise, whether the team is winning or losing — and, since the late 1980s, it's mostly been losing.

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What is the Cincinnati Bengals football chant?

CINCINNATI (WXIX) - It's the most distinctive cry of Bengals fans—”Who Dey!” It's also the name of the fan base itself: “Who Dey Nation.” And the dramatic coda of the “Bengals' Growl” fight song, sung at the top of 60,000 lungs after every Bengals touchdown at Paul Brown Stadium.

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What is Cincinnati Bengals Lingo?

The origin of "Who Dey"

When vendors and bartenders would shout out the beers, they would say "Hudy" or "HuDey" which sounds exactly like "Who Dey." Thus, the saying was born. It's a theory many support, including former Bengals offensive lineman Dave Lapham.

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What is a stadium chant?

A football chant or terrace chant is form of vocalisation performed by supporters of association football, typically during football matches.

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What does Joe Burrow yell?

During that win — which set up a rematch of last year's AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs — Burrow was wearing a microphone, and after a passing touchdown to tight end Hayden Hurst in the first half, you can make out Burrow yelling, “I'm him!

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What is the oldest football chant?

"On The Ball, City" (sometimes abbreviated 'OTBC' in writing) is a football chant sung by fans of Norwich City F.C. It has been described as the world's oldest football chant still in use today.

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What is the chant for FC Cincinnati no one likes us?

Cincinnati here we go, here we go, here we go. OLE OLE – OLE OLE, No one likes us, but that's okay. So score a goal, or score a few, Cincinnati, we're here for you!

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What was the Bengals original theme song?

'The Bengals Growl' is the Bengals fight song, and its been so since the NFL came to Cincinnati. After the Cincinnati Bengals score during home games, two things happen Paul Brown Stadium is filled with a polka like tune that has been sung since the team was founded.

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What do the Bengals yell?

"Who Dey?" What does that even mean? It's a Cincinnati tradition and part of a chant that breaks out after the Bengals score touchdowns at home game at Paul Brown Stadium. The origins of the chant date back to the 1980s, and a local beer company is involved.

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What is the Bengals touchdown dance called?

The Ickey Shuffle was a touchdown celebration performed by National Football League (NFL) fullback Elbert "Ickey" Woods, who played for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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What did the Bengals chant vs Saints?

Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?” Three years later in 1983, the Saints chanted “Who Dat? Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints?” It was originally based on entertainment skits that were later picked up in the 1960s by schools in New Orleans and, eventually, the Saints.”

Cincinnati bengals who dey chant lyrics? (2023)
What is the Bengals fan slogan?

Though “Who Dey” is synonymous with the Bengals, its origin is not obvious. The exact source of the now-famous cheer is unknown, but the most popular theory involves a local brewery known as Hudepohl Beer Company and dates back to the days of Riverfront Stadium.

What did Bengals fans chant for Tua?

Medical professionals were called to cart Tagovailoa off the field, and while he was making his way out of the game, Bengals fans showed their support by chanting his name, letting him know that they are all hoping for the best. "Tua! Tua!

What did Bengals coach say to Hill?

However, during the game, Hill claims a Bengals coach said something to him that really got under his skin. Tyreek Hill said a a Bengals coach said something to him during the game that he didn't appreciate: "Whichever coach that is, I'm gonna come find you bro ... me and you gotta have a mano a mano conversation.

What is the most famous football chant?

You will never walk alone. You will never walk alone is among the best football chants of all time. It is originally a song from Rodgers and Hammerstein 1945 musical Carousel. fans over who adopted the song first but it's probably the best football chant ever and also the most famous one.

What is the football chant everywhere we go?

We were pretty much there all day and every so often, people would attempt new chants. Some bloke started singing, 'West Ham are massive, everywhere we go'.

What is the chant after a goal kick?

Every single time the opposing goalie had a goal kick they chanted ["puto"]. Was this worth your time? This helps us sort answers on the page.

What does Joe Burrow say before snap?

Joe Burrow just said “RockyTop” in his pre-snap cadence ❤️

What is Joe Burrows saying?

BURROW: "You always expect to win the game. You never go out there expecting to lose but that's not always how it turns out."

What did Joe Burrow say after the game?

It was all love between Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after the AFC title game went final. When the two stars met at midfield for the postgame handshake, among other pleasantries, Burrow told Mahomes to “go win it.”

Who is the old god of football?

Pele- God of Football

Pele, real name Edson Arantes do Nascimento, is one of the greatest footballers of all time and was named "the greatest" by FIFA, also known as God of Football in the world.

What was the first word for football?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) traces the written use of the word "football" (as "foteballe"), referring to the game, to 1409. The first recorded use of the word to refer to the ball was in 1486, and the first use as a verb in 1599.

What was it called before football?

Like the game itself, the word “football” has foreign ancestors. Historians trace American football back to two European cousins, soccer and rugby. Both began as kicking games.

What is Cincinnati motto?

The motto Juncta Juvant is a Latin phrase variously translated as "unity assists", "strength in unity", "together we assist", "united they aid each other", or "together they strive".

What is the defense chant?


Does FC Cincinnati have a nickname?

FC Cincinnati's primary colors are the orange and blue, which is also used as a nickname for the team. The secondary colors are gray, dark blue, and white.

What is the Bengals most famous fan?

George Clooney, Woody Harrelson, Kid Cudi and more.

Why did they name Bengals?

In 1967, an ownership group led by Paul Brown was granted a franchise in the American Football League. Brown named the team the Bengals in order "to give it a link with past professional football in Cincinnati".

What song did the Bengals play in the 1988 Super Bowl?

"Welcome to the Jungle" was released in 1987 and was one of the biggest songs in the world when the Bengals began their 1988 run to the Super Bowl.

Did the Bengals steal the Saints chant?

No, the Bengals didn't exactly steal the the chant from the New Orleans Saints. They copied it from, if legend is to be believed, beer.

Who came up with their chant first Bengals or Saints?

Let's examine the histories. During the 1980 season, Bengals fans were the first group in the NFL to chant "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?" Three years later in 1983, the Saints chanted "Who Dat?

What is the Bengals dance?

The "Ickey Shuffle" was born in 1988 and the Bengals went to the Super Bowl. Maybe it's destiny that the Bengals are in Super Bowl LVI in 2022 playing the L.A. Rams, because another rookie who already won Rookie of the Year, has his own dance, "The Griddy."

What is the famous dance in the NFL?

The Griddy dance origin: How Justin Jefferson started a new NFL TD celebration craze. They say the NFL is a copycat league.

What is it called when a football player dances after a touchdown?

In gridiron football, touchdown celebrations are sometimes performed after the scoring of a touchdown. Individual celebrations have become increasingly complex over time, from simple "spiking" of the football in decades past to the elaborately choreographed displays of the current era.

What was the taunting call on Bengals?

Bengals penalty: Here's why a taunting penalty was called after interception celebration. LOS ANGELES — The Cincinnati Bengals were called for a personal foul after safety Jessie Bates III intercepted Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford in the end zone late in the second quarter.

What did Cincinnati Bengals kicker say?

With only Sunday's AFC Championship game against the Chiefs standing between the Bengals and the Super Bowl, Cincinnati kicker Evan McPherson says the team isn't letting outside banter infect the locker room ... even if it's coming from a teammate.

What do they call the Bengals kicker?

Due to his clutch kicking, McPherson is nicknamed "Shooter" (after the Happy Gilmore character of a similar nickname) and "Money Mac." He owns the Bengals franchise record longest field goal with a 59-yard field goal he made in 2022.

What are two other slogans associated with the Cincinnati Bengals?

Similarly, the Cincinnati Bengals[4] own at least 32 trademark applications and registrations protecting their intellectual property, including “SEIZE THE DAY,” “WHO DEY,” “WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE,” “READY TO ROAR,” “BENGALS,” “B,” “CINCINNATI BENGALS,” “BEN-GALS,” “PAUL BROWN STADIUM,” helmet designs, tiger designs, and ...

What is the Cincinnati Bengals real mascot?

Who Dey, the Bengals Mascot. The Cincinnati Bengals mascot goes by the team slogan "Who Dey," and is a Bengal tiger that wears a Cincinnati No. 1 jersey. The "Who Dey" named comes from the team's chant that goes back decades.

What do Broncos fans chant?

Denver, CO

Here you will hear fans chant “IN-COM-PLETE!” when the opposing team throws an incomplete pass or a loud noise that sounds like thunder, “Mile High Thunder,” the stomping of fans feet on stadium's floor, traditions carried from the Bronco's old stadium, Mile High Stadium.

What did fans chant at Browns game?

So, the two fanbases decided to join forces at Sunday's Patriots-Browns game in Cleveland to belt out a "F--- the Yankees" chant.

What did McPherson say to Burrow?

"Looks like we're going to the AFC Championship" Cincinnati Bengals' Evan McPherson murmured to QB Joe Burrow moments before the game-winning kick. This epic moment cemented his new status as a hero as Burrow mentioned in the postgame press conference.

Who did the Bengals paralyze?

Shazier had a successful first few seasons in the league, including a Pro Bowl appearance in 2016. During the 2017 season, in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Shazier attempted to make a head-first tackle that left him a paraplegic, after which he had to have spinal stabilization surgery and learn to walk again.

Did Bengals get fined for faking injury?

Bengals player who faked injury during Chiefs game reportedly receives hefty fine. A decision by the NFL has added insult to injury for Cincinnati Bengals safety Jessie Bates.

What is the slogan for the Cincinnati Bengals?

According to, the most prevalent theory for the origin of the chant -- "Who Dey? Who Dey? Who Dey think gonna beat them Bengals? Nobody!" -- traces back to the Cincinnati-based Hudepohl Brewing Company, which has been a staple in the Queen City since 1885.

What did the Bengals chant for Tua?

As Tua was stretchered off the field at Paycor Stadium, fans in Cincinnati could be heard chanting “Tua! Tua!

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