Is CC Afton the middle child? (2024)

Is CC Afton the middle child?

But they thought Mike was him. Mike also says how he should be dead, but he's not. Chris Afton, often thought to be the Crying Child, is the youngest child in the Afton family.

Which Afton is the middle child?

Elizabeth Afton | Which Member Of The Afton Family Are You? Elizabeth is the middle child of the Afton family, who dies at the hands of Circus Baby, who she eventually possesses. Circus Baby twists her mind, making her a dark and evil killer.

What is CC Afton's real name?

Christopher Afton (or simply Chris) is the main protagonist of the 1997 animated film, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and its follow-up TV show, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Golden Years. He is a 7 (later 8, then 9) year old boy and the younger brother of Michael.

What color is CC Afton's eyes?

Looking back to the Afton Family, Michael is the only kid with blue eyes, Elizabeth's are green, & this means that CC's eye color is most likely green. There still is a chance that his eyes could be blue but green has a higher probability.

Who is the oldest child in the Afton family?

  • William Afton (Father) Melissa Afton (Mother) Michael Afton (Oldest son) ...
  • Jay (Yellow shirt kid) Nick (Blue shirt kid) Tyler (Brown shirt kid) ...
  • -not included yet-Bella (Orange dress kid) -not included yet-Tom (Boy with red balloon) ...
  • Henry Miller Emily (Father) Lola Emily/ Mrs Emily (Mother)

Is Elizabeth or CC younger?

Afton, whose real name is [REDACTED], is a major character in BlueyCapsules. He is the youngest child of William Afton, and the younger brother of Michael and Elizabeth Afton.

Is Elizabeth Afton Vanessa?

Interestingly, while she's William Afton's daughter in the movie, this isn't the case in the video games at all. In the source material, William's daughter is a young girl named Elizabeth Afton. Whereas Vanessa knew her father was a bad guy and feared him, Elizabeth admired her father.

Who is Sunny Afton?

Sunny Afton, also known posthumously as Shadow Bonnie, is a minor character in BlueyCapsules. She was the wife of William Afton and is the mother of Michael, Elizabeth and C.C. Afton.

When did CC Afton died?

The end of FNAF4's final minigame following Night 6, in which the Crying Child is cryptically comforted by the Fredbear plushie before everything fades and a heart monitor flatline is heard, has been considered by some to indicate that CC died from the Bite of '83.

Is Elizabeth older than Evan?

Elizabeth Afton is the daughter of William Afton and Annabelle Afton, she is also the younger half sister of Michael Schmidt-Afton and Evan Schmidt-Afton.

How tall is Elizabeth Afton in feet?

I won't bore you with the math but it is worth saying I came across a repeating decimal and rounded down to get 2.6 inches per line (so,this isn't spot on but it's very close to what her height is,it's the best we've got to go off of). This led me to the conclusion that she is 3 feet 9 inches tall.

Who did Michael Afton marry?

Michael Afton married Mary Estelle Grogan. He passed away on 14 Sep 1977 in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

What does CC Afton wear?

He wears a dark blue jacket, with long sleeves, he also wears a new scarf which has the same colour as his jacket. His pants are dark blue, and he uses white and grey shoes, whom has bandages above it to cover half of his legs.

Does Michael Afton have ADHD?

He has ADHD and he stims occasionally, usually by clasping his hands together (something his mother used to do) when he's nervous or excited. He suffers from PTSD after the Bite of '83.

Who possesses Ballora?

It is theorized that she is possessed by William Afton's wife. However, this might be unlikely, since according to the canon, she seems to not have any kind of affection towards Circus Baby and Michael, the children of William.

Why did William Afton abuse Michael?

However, even before the death of Joseph, William thought of Michael as someone not worth his time due to being a troublesome kid, viewing him as a failure. After Joseph's death, William began to emotionally abuse Michael, constantly screaming and shouting at him.

Who does CC Afton possess?

Both, Crying Child ( Chris Afton) After the bite of '83' his soul started to possess Golden Freddy.

Who is older crying child or Elizabeth?

Because CC is 3 years old, that makes kindergartner Elizabeth older. Which means in the book lore, she'd be a freshmen or a middleschooler, somewhere around there.

Who died first in the Afton family?

Evan Afton

Evan, William's youngest son, was the first of the Afton family to die. At Evan's birthday party, at "Fredbear's Family Diner", his brother Michael brought him over to the Fredbear aniamtronic.

How is Vanessa Afton's daughter?

She's a patrol officer and daughter of child serial killer William Afton. Despite assisting Afton in covering up his murders, as well as lying to Mike and Abby about her true identity, she ultimately redeems herself when she helps them defeat William.

Does Afton have a wife?

Mrs. Afton- also known as William Afton's wife- is possibly named Clara. Clara is a character's name in the TV show that Michael/William (William based of conspiracy) watches after spending the night at Sister Location The TV's characters are speculated by fans to be based off the actual Afton family.

Who is Elizabeth Afton's dad?

Elizabeth Afton, also known as Circus Baby, is the secondary antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. She was the daughter of William Afton, and the younger sister of Michael Afton. She had a deep trust in her father and a love for his creations, admiring everything he does.

Who is Mia Afton?

Mia is the twin of Chris Afton and is an Afton. She like to code and fix robots. She likes to play with Chris and Lizzy.

Does Afton have a dog?

Afton and his dog playing with his dog

Afton's dog looks like pointer with its floppy ears and its long nose but it doesn't have spots so it might be a greyhound. And Its teeth can bite very hard if you touch it.

Who is Scott Afton?

Scott Afton is a minor character in BlueyCapsules. He is the husband of Vincent Afton. Mild-mannered but with a strong moral compass, he often quietly guides his blissfully unconcerned husband in the right direction. He has a strong opposition to his brother-in-law William Afton, who he urges Vincent to cut ties with.


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