Is Gregory FNAF a villain? (2024)

Is Gregory FNAF a villain?

Gregory, also known as GGY or Patient 46, is the main protagonist of the Steel Wool games of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

Is Gregory a good guy?

He is the leader of the Hilltop Colony and a survivor of the outbreak whose cowardly, selfish nature makes him an antagonistic character towards the series's protagonist, Rick Grimes, and the Alexandrians, particularly Hilltop's would-be-appointed leader and future archenemy, Maggie Greene.

Why does Gregory betray Cassie?

Some fans speculate that the Gregory who betrayed Cassie at the end of Ruin was actually just the Mimic impersonating him once again, trying to not let Cassie get away.

Does Freddy care about Gregory?

His entire life revolves around making children happy and entertaining them. Throughout the entire game, he helps Gregory no matter what, telling him what to do and how to avoid his brainwashed friends. During idle animations, he'll sometimes wave at Gregory, showing affection towards him.

Why does Gregory destroy the animatronics?

He is somewhat resentful, as he expresses no remorse when proposing the idea to disable the animatronics to Glamrock Freddy, and refers to it as "what they deserve" due to their constant attempts to capture him, even after Glamrock Freddy suggests that their current behavior was the result of an external agent.

Does Gregory scream when he gets Jumpscared?

So as the title says in the jumpscare with broken chica and the endos there isn't a scream present. Screaming would be something a child would do in that situation and it missing probably means the animatronics are most likely causing it.

Why did Gregory hide in Freddy?

Security Breach stars Gregory, who decides to hide in the chest compartment of Glamrock Freddy to avoid detection by the security guard Vanessa, who he doesn't trust. Gregory's story ends with him going off the grid, as is made clear by how Security Breach's RUIN expansion canonizes the Princess Quest ending.

Why does Roxy hate Gregory?

After the events of the main game, she gains a murderous hatred of Gregory for stealing her eyes and wants to kill him for it. She'll try to kill Cassie under the assumption that she's Gregory, although she does stop after ultimately realizing her mistake.

Who impregnated Cassie?

It is also worth mentioning that Cassie got pregnant in Season 1 of Euphoria. She found out that she was pregnant with McKay's baby and eventually decided to have an abortion.

Why does Gregory get hanged?

However, his plan is foiled by Jesus who arrives in time to save Maggie, who requests that Gregory be jailed. After much deliberation, Maggie decides that Gregory must be killed. He is later hanged for his attempt on Maggie's life as the rest of the Hilltop watch.

Is Freddy good or bad?

Freddy Fazbear is not truly evil, as his actions are motivated by revenge against his killer, and perhaps issues of mistaken identities. Different versions of Freddy have different motivations, with some being redeemable despite their malicious actions, such as Funtime Freddy contributing to Burntrap's defeat.

Why is Freddy so nice to Gregory?

Why is Freddy so nice to Gregory? Despite being a robot, he has a full moral agency and personality, as his AI is advanced enough to have human-level sapience and defies the rules of the PizzaPlex and his fellow robots to help Gregory.

Who is Glamrock Chica possessed by?

Glamrock Chica is one of the three secondary antagonists (along with Montgomery Gator and Roxanne Wolf) in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach and will return in its upcoming Ruin DLC. She is an animatronic chicken who was brainwashed by Vanny into killing a young boy named Gregory.

What does Chica do to Gregory?

While hacked by Vanny, Glamrock Chica is quite devious and sadistic, as she keeps giving Gregory false promises of seeing his parents, offering him candy and try to comfort him, all in attempts of killing him.

What happens to Gregory when he gets Jumpscared?

What happens to Gregory when he gets Jumpscared? Usually, S.T.A.F.F. Bots do not kill Gregory after a jumpscare. They instead sound an alarm, alerting other animatronics to his location.

Why does Vanny hunt Gregory?

Vanny attempts to hunt him down, presumably to make sure he doesn't share information about her and Glitchtrap's plan publicly. During the game, it is implied that Gregory ended up homeless, since in the bad ending he is shown sleeping in a box with a newspaper for a blanket in the middle of an alleyway.

What happens if toy Freddy gets jumpscared?

What happens if Toy Freddy gets jumpscared? If the computer screen has a black background with text saying "GAME OVER", this means that Toy Freddy has been jumpscared. Once he has been jumpscared, he will run to your office to jumpscare you, there is no way to soothe or avoid him after he has been jumpscared.

Why did Gregory take Roxanne's eyes?

Her eyes are taken by Gregory to upgrade Glamrock Freddy, blinding her and rendering the Fazerblaster and Faz Camera as ineffective. Her face has been mangled, with the centermost area around the "eyes" having a large, jagged hole and her jaw being completely loose.

Why does Gregory glitch when he sees Vanny?

Whenever Vanny is near, Gregory's vision and hearing will distort. It is unclear if this is due to a special ability of Vanny's or simply just a stylistic design.

What was pretending to be Gregory?

To move away from speculation, we know that the Mimic was clearly watching the events of Security Breach, mimicking Gregory's voice and hatching a plan to lure Cassie to the basement.

Was Vanessa actually trying to help Gregory?

She is shown to take her job seriously, making an effort to find Gregory to keep him out of trouble and even threatens to have Glamrock Freddy scrapped if she finds out he is helping him cause any type of trouble. She also reveals that she knew Gregory's name via hearing Freddy's voice coming from the Fazwatch.

Who is under the mask of Freddy?

Every detail of Freddy, as played by the incredible Robert Englund is present in this mask.

Is Roxy from FNAF blind?

There are some important new details to note about the decommissioned version of Roxy, the biggest being that she's now blind. It means she won't be able to spot you from far away, making her easier to sneak around.

Who is the soul of Roxy?

Funtime Foxy's soul is possessed by a child named Fritz.

Why is Roxy so sad?

Throughout the game, she taunts and insults Gregory. However, as revealed later on in the game, Roxy is shown to be somewhat insecure about herself, as her failures to catch Gregory cause her to act less confident. After being shattered, she cries inconsolably and laments that no one will love her in her current state.


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