What animatronic killed Evan? (2024)

What animatronic killed Evan?

The bite victim was the Crying child (also known as Evan or Chris). It was his birthday and his brother decided to play a prank in him with his friends. They picked him up and put him in fredbears mouth, causing the death of the crying child.

Which animatronic killed the Crying Child?

The Crying Child dies by the hands - or, more accurately, jaws - of Fredbear. Golden Freddy is Fredbear as proven by Ultimate Custom Night.

Which animatronic does Evan haunt?

Golden Freddy is a antagonist from the "Five Nights At Freddy's" series this version of Golden Freddy is based on the popular "GoldenDuo" theory that states that the Fredbear suit is possesed by not only Cassidy (who is speculated to be "The one you should not have killed") but also the "Crying Child" (Evan) who died ...

What happened to Evan Afton's soul?

Evan was accidentally killed by Fredbear's Springlock suit and his soul was left inside causing The Bite of '83. His soul was trapped in Fredbear's body now known as Golden Freddy, and he was along with the other kids in the pizzeria.

Why did Michael put Evan in Fredbear's mouth?

After making fun of how scared he is, Michael orders them to take his sibling close to Fredbear. On his orders, they put the child in the mouth of Fredbear to "give him a big kiss". However, Fredbear bites the child, and all four bullies stand there in shock and horror.

What animatronic killed millie?

Millie dies after being killed by Funtime Freddy. Her soul is somehow contained by Eleanor and put inside the ball pit. Eleanor feeds off her agony to give herself strength. Her memories are wiped, only remembering the events before she went inside of Funtime Freddy.

Which animatronic killed phone guy?

Okay, so most people say "It's Freddy that killed him" but I found that that's not true, it was in fact CHICA that killed him, if you listen to the Night 4 Phone call, it has a banging noise which only Foxy makes (Which means that the left door is shut, and Bonnie and Foxy didn't kill him) Then you can hear Freddy's ...

Who did Evan Afton become?

After his death, it is unclear who he possesses, if anyone: Others theorize that he ended up as Shadow Freddy, which would not contradict who happened to the fifth victim and would explain why Shadow Freddy does not attack the guard, as he was not killed by one. He may also be Nightmare.

Who possesses mangle?

Fixed Mangle, also known as "Toy Foxy". Mangle is an animatronic made by Fazbear Entertainment. Mangle is possessed by Susie's dog, Sparky.

Is Elizabeth or Evan older?

Elizabeth was born on April 11th 1978 to her parents William Afton and Annabelle Afton, and her older brothers Michael and Evan, in London, England. Though her first two years weren't anything special, since it was mostly just her and her older brothers.

What color is Evan Afton's eyes?

In The Games,Evan has brown curly hair and black eyes with tears coming out the bottom,with a black shirt and Grey stripes he also wears blue shorts and brown shoes.

Did crying child forgive Michael?

Despite Michael's direct involvement in his death, he doesn't appear to resent him and takes pity on him, even sometimes talking to him during his nightmares and telling him he knows he didn't mean for his death to happen.

Who did Michael Afton marry?

Michael Afton married Mary Estelle Grogan. He passed away on 14 Sep 1977 in St Louis, Missouri, USA.

Did Evan survive the bite of 83?

The bite victim was the Crying child (also known as Evan or Chris). It was his birthday and his brother decided to play a prank in him with his friends. They picked him up and put him in fredbears mouth, causing the death of the crying child.

What animatronic killed CC Afton?

The week ended in his ninth birthday, where Michael and his "friends" lifted C.C to put him into the mouth of Fredbear. Michael's amusement at his younger brother's terror quickly soured as Fredbear bit down, crushing C.C's skull and splattering the birthday crowd in blood.

Has Funtime Freddy killed anyone?

Trivia. Although in Count the Ways, Funtime Freddy kills Millie, the story itself doesn't specify it until Fazbear Frights #11 epilogue and leaves an open ending.

Is funtime Foxy possessed?

Funtime Foxy is a pink and white fox animatronic. They have a hook on their hand. Funtime Foxy's soul is possessed by a child named Fritz.

Who is Mangle married to?

Mangle is the mother of Fang, Todd and Foxina and her husband is Foxy.

Is FNAF kid friendly?

Common Sense Media deemed the movie suitable for kids 14 and up, cautioning about its many depictions of violence and terror. Those include scenes showing young children being abducted, a man getting killed by a whirling saw, monsters biting a man in half and a man choking and then stabbing a woman.

Is Ennard a girl or a boy?

In Ultimate Custom Night, Ennard is referred to with male pronouns, implying that it is male. However, due to fact that every Funtime animatronic has their own gender, Ennard possibly is both male or female pronounces, or simply genderless.

Who is William Afton ex?

William Afton is the Ex-Husband of Jennifer Smith and Henry Emily is the Ex-Husband of Mariene Emily. William is the father of Terrance Miller,Micheal Afton,Myles Afton,Jessica Afton,Gregory Afton,Elijah Afton and Elizabeth Afton.

How tall is Elizabeth Afton in feet?

I won't bore you with the math but it is worth saying I came across a repeating decimal and rounded down to get 2.6 inches per line (so,this isn't spot on but it's very close to what her height is,it's the best we've got to go off of). This led me to the conclusion that she is 3 feet 9 inches tall.

Does Afton have a son?

In the games, Mike is revealed to be William Afton's son, but this twist cannot happen in the second movie due to the plot twist about Vanessa being Afton's daughter.

Is lolbit a glitch?

It appears to be a glitching version of Funtime Foxy with a different color scheme that attempts to kill and endanger the night guard.

Is Mangle a Lolbit?

The Mangle Family is a family of Mangles from FNAF. They include Toy Foxy, Nightmare Mangle , Mangle, Tangle, Lolbit, Xangle, Funtime Foxy , and Phantom Mangle. Lolbit's family includes Lolbit, Nightmare Toy Foxy, and Jack-o-Mangle.


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