Who is franco and silvia in my brilliant friend? (2023)

Who was Franco in My Brilliant Friend?

She also meets Franco Mari (Bruno Orlando), a brief relationship that upon its conclusion doesn't completely destroy her, but leaves her forlorn. As a result, the winter is exceptionally difficult for her. She also finds herself sick with fever one night.

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Who is the father of Lila's baby in My Brilliant Friend?

She becomes pregnant with Nino's child at the same time Lila conceives a daughter with Enzo. They give birth to daughters one month apart.

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Who are the two main characters in My Brilliant Friend?

The main character in the story is Elena Greco, also called Lenu. She is intelligent and forms a close but competitive friendship with Lila Cerullo. Elena has a difficult relationship with her mother Immacolata. Her father Vittorio works as a porter at city hall in Naples.

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Who is who in My Brilliant Friend?

My Brilliant Friend

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Does Elena end up with Nino?

She informs Elena that he has continued to live with his wife Eleonora and is even expecting a child with her. Elena considers leaving Nino, but with nowhere else to go, she finds herself back in Naples and agrees that she will share him with Eleonora.

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Why does Lila disappear?

Now, Lila has actually gone. In Book One, Lena maintains, “She wanted every one of her cells to disappear, nothing of her ever to be found, to leave not so much as a hair in the world.” Lila has cut herself out of every family photo.

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Does Lila marry Marcello?

In season two Lila is married to Stefano and becomes Raffaella (Lila) Carracci.

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Who did Lila marry?

It is Lila's dream of transforming the store into a full-fledged shoe-making business that leads to the girls' second major divergence: In the last section of the novel, sixteen-year-old Lila marries Stefano Carracci, the proprietor of the town's thriving grocery store, Don Achille's son, and the key, Lila hopes, to ...

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Did Nino Kiss Lila?

In the night, back in their house, Lila tells Lenu that Nino kissed her - his lips still feel hard and painful against her. But the last scene - as our hearts ached for a broken Lenu - it showed that Lila was indeed the one who kissed him.

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Who Killed Don Achilles in My Brilliant Friend?

Ultimately, Don Achille is murdered by an unseen assailant; Alfredo Peluso, a carpenter who lost his livelihood gambling away borrowed money, is arrested for the violent crime.

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Who is Lilas brother?

Rino Cerullo (Tommaso Rusciano & Gennaro De Stefano)

Lila's older brother works in the Cerullo's family store and dreams of making luxury shoes, becoming rich, and escaping poverty.

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What happens to Nino in brilliant friend?

The family moved away to Naples. Both girls were devastated to see him go. Nino then re-appears in the scene when a Lila-less Elena goes to high school in Naples.

Who is franco and silvia in my brilliant friend? (2023)
Is Nino the father of Lila's baby?

At home, Lila finds out she is pregnant with Nino's child. It is Enzo Scanno (Giovanni Buselli) who takes her back to Stefano's house, where she reveals that she is pregnant with someone else's child. In the end, Lila and Nino lived together for only 23 days — their brief fantasy coming to a brutal stop.

Who is Enzo my beautiful friend?

Giovanni Buselli as Enzo Scanno (seasons 2–3; recurring season 1), Nicola and Assunta's son. The character is also portrayed by Vincenzo Vaccaro (recurring season 1) as a child. Riccardo Palmieri as Gino (season 3; recurring seasons 1–2), Elena's classmate and first boyfriend.

What happens to Pasquale in my brilliant friend?

After Lila's rejection of him—and a few months of sour grapes—Pasquale becomes committed to defending Lila against any threat that comes her way. Get the entire My Brilliant Friend LitChart as a printable PDF.

Did the solaras take Tina?

Whereas we are never sure who took Tina, the flow of energies suggests the Solaras were behind it, except that they thought it was Elena's child - not Lila's. Everything from then on - even the death of the Solaras - suggests to Lila that nothing will ever really change in the old neighbourhood.

Did Don Achille steal the dolls?

A few years later, Elena and Lila attribute the theft of their dolls to Don Achille and go to get them back at his house; instead he gives the girls money. He was later murdered at home with a knife, probably by a woman.

Is LENU in love with Lila?

As Lenu and Lila grow up, the love and rivalry between them grows too. They are one another's shadow – sharing a loving but jealous relationship, and in their jealousy develops a desire to always be doing something that will impress the other.

Does Elena leave her kids in my brilliant friend?

Elena marries a conventional professor from an intellectual family and has two daughters, but leaves them for a destructive relationship with Nino, Lila's first love.

How many kids does Nino have My Brilliant Friend?

Nino Sarratore makes his first appearance early in both the book and TV series as a love interest for the shy, bookish Elena “Lenù” Greco. When the two are only children, he recognizes her intelligence and tells her he wants to marry her one day.

Does Elena marry Pietro in My Brilliant Friend?

It becomes a critical part of the novel she writes in college, which becomes her salvation from Naples, as she is able to further enter academic and political circles through her marriage to Pietro Airota and their move to Florence.

Is My Brilliant Friend LGBT?

Gay rating: not gay.

Who is Enzo to Lila?

Enzo is one of Lenù and Lila's classmates and neighbors. The class dunce, Enzo has a big crush on Lila yet has trouble expressing his feelings for her—one moment he gives her a bouquet of sorb apples, and the next he lobs rocks at her in the streets. Enzo eventually grows up into an honorable and kind young man.

What is wrong with Lila in My Brilliant Friend?

She is dishonest not only to others, she also very consistently lies to herself. To feel good about herself, she has to deny her friend's brilliance that far outshines any of her qualities. She is therefore morbidly jealous of Lila and keeps ascribing bad intentions to her actions.

What happened to Lila My Brilliant Friend?

Lost Child finally loops back to the matter of Lila's vanishing at the age of 66, the story that opened the series in the prologue to My Brilliant Friend. Lila has been trying to erase herself in some form through most of the books, and she finally succeeds.

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