Who is rachel ballinger's girlfriend? [Solved] (2022)

Who is Rachel with JoJo Siwa?

JoJo Siwa is dishing on her current dating life! The 18-year-old entertainer is the latest guest on a new episode of her best friend Rachel Ballinger's podcast, Rachel Uncensored, and was asked, "Are you single?" "You know what, I was just thinking about this the other day," JoJo says.... read more ›

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Who is older Colleen and Rachel?

Personal life. Rachel Ballinger was born on April 5th,1991. She is the youngest of four. She has an older sister, Colleen (PsychoSoprano), and two brothers—Trent and Chris Ballinger.... continue reading ›

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What is Rachel Ballinger's boyfriends last name?

Rachel Ballinger's marital status is unmarried. She is in a relationship with her long-time boyfriend and collegemate Matt since last 10 years.
Family, Boyfriend & Relationships.
Father NameTim Ballinger
Brother NameChristopher Ballinger and Trent Ballinger
Sister NameColleen Ballinger
2 more rows
Aug 14, 2021

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Are JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew Back Together 2022?

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew are enjoying their rekindled romance. Siwa, who announced the couple's breakup back in November 2021, confirmed their reconciliation on May 5 after she shared a PDA-filled photo on Instagram from the pair's trip to Disney World.... see details ›

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Is JoJo and her GF still together?

JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend, Kylie Prew are officially back together and we could not be happier! This comes months after Us Weekly confirmed their split in October 2021, with a source telling the publication that the duo “did break up.”... see more ›

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How did Colleen meet Ariana?

In 2012, Ballinger appeared on the show as her popular YouTube alter ego Miranda Sings for five episodes. But, it seems the two were buddies even before then, when they were trying to make it on Broadway. In 2009, Grande and Ballinger posted a clip of them singing "Take Me Or Leave Me" from the musical Rent on YouTube.... see details ›

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What are Colleen Ballinger's twins names?

A little over a week after YouTube star Colleen Ballinger announced she and husband Erik Stocklin welcomed twins, influencer took to her Instagram Stories on Nov. 17 to reveal the names of their two new bundles of joy: A baby boy named Wesley Koy Stocklin and a baby girl named Maisy Joanne Stocklin.... view details ›

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What does Colleen Ballinger's brother have?

Colleen Ballinger... continue reading ›

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How much does Colleen Ballinger make a year?

In 2015 Colleen wrote a successful memoir and signed a Netflix series deal. Today she earns $5 million per year from her various endeavors.... read more ›

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What age is Colleen Ballinger?

... read more ›

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What height is Colleen Ballinger?

... see details ›

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Is JoJo Siwa in a relationship?

May 17, 2022: JoJo Opens Up About Her Rekindled Romance With Kylie. ICYMI, JoJo and Kylie are back in a relationship, and in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the new So You Think You Can Dance judge gushed over their love. "I am in a relationship and I'm very happy and very lucky to be loved.... see more ›

Who is rachel ballinger's girlfriend? [Solved] (2022)

Who is Kylie Prew?

Kylie Prew was born in the year 2003. As per her IMDB page, she is a social media influencer and singer by profession. She hails from Key Largo, Florida, United States. She is popularly known by the viewers as JoJo Siwa's girlfriend.... see details ›

Who is older JoJo Siwa and Jayden Siwa?

Early life and career

She has one sibling, an older brother named Jayden Siwa, who is also a vlogger. Siwa started her career as a top-5 finalist and the youngest contestant on the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, produced by Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame.... see details ›

Is JoJo and Elliot dating?

He isn't dating JoJo.

The singer told Entertainment Tonight that she is not dating her family friend, though she does have a bae. JoJo revealed to Seventeen that the new man in her life is "a dream," though she can't say if she will ever go public with their relationship. "It's really up to him," she said.... continue reading ›

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