Who is taller? (2023)

Who is taller or which is taller?

"Taller" is the correct answer for this, because you are comparing only two nouns, and in this case, Sara and Janet. "Taller" is a comparative adjective, those which are used to compare one noun to another noun.

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How do I answer my height?

How To Discuss Your Height and Weight In English - YouTube

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Who is tallest you or I correct the sentence?

The “grammatically correct” version is “taller than I”, and if you are taking a grammar test you had better put that as your answer. However, very few people would actually say that. It sounds very formal and stilted; the vast majority nowadays would say “taller than me”.

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Is it correct to say he is taller than me?

He is taller than I is the correct form of structure grammatically. He is subject pronoun and “me” is object pronoun.

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Who is the taller?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest person in the world who is alive today is Sultan Kösen from Ankara, Turkey. When officially measured, Sultan stood an incredible eight feet, three inches tall!

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Why are some people short?

What causes short stature? The 3 major reasons for short stature are constitutional growth delay, genetics, and disease.

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When a girl asks how tall are you?

When She Asks, "How Tall Are You?" - YouTube

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Why would a guy asks your height?

it could mean he's insecure about his height. He wants to be sure you don't threaten his masculinity. Society frames it to where men are supposed to be bigger and taller. Smaller men are often insecure about their size and aim for smaller women taller ones intimidate them.

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How do you ask for height?

Height is usually not as sensitive a topic as weight. It's okay to ask about a person's height but not a person's weight.
Height and Weight.
To learn the height of a thing or things:
How tall are you?How tall are they?
What's your height?
5 more rows

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How do you use taller in a sentence?

Taller sentence example
  1. He was taller than it by a head. ...
  2. Rob was taller than Alex, but not as tall as Gerald. ...
  3. He's about 6 inches taller than you, isn't he? ...
  4. Is this a sunflower that's taller than me or like, a daisy? ...
  5. She was no more than five foot one, he guessed, but she moved with the grace of a much taller woman.

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Which is correct She is taller than I or she is taller than me?

Writers often ask whether they should write "taller than me" or "taller than I"? The quick answer is both are correct, but not everyone agrees that both are correct, and that's the problem. Here's the issue: the word "than" can be classified as either a conjunction or a preposition, and that's the root of the debate.

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Which is correct taller than he or taller than him?

' Actually, they are both equally correct; however, I would argue that, as the nature of language is very fluid, whichever one is used more often is actually more correct. So you should use "I'm taller than him", because no one uses the other option.

Who is taller? (2023)
Is taller than me correct this sentence?

The quick answer is both are correct, but not everyone agrees that both are correct, and that's the problem. These days, the word "than" is classified both as a conjunction and as a preposition, and that's the root of the debate. However, when than is used as a preposition, it looks like this: John is taller than me.

Can you say it is me?

It is me (or it's me) is considered an informal style. Today, most native English speakers use It is me instead of It is I. Me is usually an object pronoun.

Which is correct he is older than me or he is older than I?

If it's a preposition, "than me" is correct, because "me" is the object of the preposition. But if it's a conjunction, "than I" is correct, because "I" is the subject of an understood verb: "He is older than I am."

Is it as tall or as taller?

Tall and taller are adjectives (words that describe nouns). Tall is a regular adjective, which is called the positive degree. Taller is the comparative degree of the adjective. We use it to compare two things.

Which is correct than I or than me?

Answer: 'I' is more correct in formal English, but 'me' is acceptable in informal English and is increasingly used in formal English too. 'I' is more 'correct' because you're comparing two subjects.

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