Who is Tega husband? (2023)

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Who is the husband of Tega?

All may not still be well between former BBNaija housemate, Tega and her husband, Ajeboh.

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Is Tega still married to her husband?

She stated that her marriage with Ajeboh Lawrence ended two years ago. This is contrary to Tega's claim when she entered into the Big Brother Naija competition in 2021. At the time, Tega revealed she was married to businessman identified as Ajeboh Lawrence.

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Is Tega truly married?

She actually noted that she changed her mind when she came into the show and decided to introduce herself as married. Tega added, “During our conversations and introductions, I just said well I'm married and I have a kid.

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Who did Tega sleep with?

During the latest episode of the reunion, host, Ebuka Uchendu played back clips of Boma's time in the house with Tega, where they got very intimate. Reacting to the clips, Boma wasted no time in affirming that it was true that he was made love to fellow former housemate Tega but it was all for the game.

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Is Tega of BBNaija pregnant?

Tega Dominic, the controversial Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season six housemate, has confirmed she is pregnant. The reality star had taken to her Instagram page to share a video of herself stepping out for an event that captured her leg to her face.

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Is Tega BBN pregnant for Boma?

Congrats to Boma: Nigerians React As Tega Confirms She's Pregnant, Shows Off Cute Baby Bump - Legit.ng. On February 24th 2022, Russia started bombing Ukrainian cities at 5 am in morning.

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Who is nengi getting married to?

(See Details) Popular Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Nengi in a recent interview has revealed that she might have a relationship with fellow housemate Ozo.

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What is Tega net worth?

As of the time of writing this report, BBNaija Tega net worth is estimated to be around $35,000 to $80,000 (₦15 million to ₦34 million).

Is nengi BBN half cast?

The former BBnaija housemate never mentioned being mixed-race, but, people still ask to be sure. She could easily pass for a mixed-race with her light-complexioned skin- typically referred to as 'half-caste'. But, with the stories and introduction, she made about herself, Nengi is not mixed.

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Does Liquorose BBN have a child?

In response to the allegations, Liquorose debunked the rumours spreading on the internet in a live instagram session with her fans. According to her, she doesn't have a child but her fans are literally her children.

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Who is pregnant BBNaija?

BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes star, Queen Mercy Atang, has broken the news of her pregnancy on social media.

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What tribe is TEGA from?

Profile summary
Real nameTega Offiong Dominic
Current residenceLagos, Nigeria
State of originCross River State
19 more rows
Jul 7, 2022

Who is Tega husband? (2023)
Has Tega been divorced?

Since then, there have been questions about her marriage. Tega, on Friday, disclosed that her marriage ended before the show on Instagram while she fielded questions from her fans after an unnamed fan asked her to stop shrouding her marital status.

Who is the fake housemate in BBNaija?

While Deji is a fake housemate, Rachel and Chizzy are Riders.

Did Boma sleep with Tega in BBN?

After her eviction, Tega made several efforts to clarify that despite her romance with Boma, they never had sex.

Who is the father of Tega Dominic?

Reality TV star, Tega Dominic, has mourned her dad, Senator Bassey Ekpenyong, stating that he would've disowned her by now if he were still alive. In commemoration of this year's Father's Day celebration, Tega shared a video of her father, telling him how much she missed him.

Is Ozo of BBN married?

BBNaija Ozo says he is single and is currently not linked with any girlfriend or partner. Ozo is not married, either. However, while in the BBNaija house, Ozo grew fond of fellow housemates Nengi and Dorathy. She tagged Dorathy, who had a thing for him as a friend and pursued a love interest with Nengi.

Which BBNaija housemate is married?

After the Reality TV show, Bambam and Teddy A got married months after the show in a colourful white wedding which happened in Dubia, UAE.

How old is Boma from BBN?

Profile summary
Full nameBoma Martins Akpore
Age35 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthYaba, Lagos State, Nigeria
Current residenceBrooklyn, New York, USA
18 more rows
Jul 5, 2022

Who is nengi dating now?

Recall that Nengi and Davido sparked dating rumors after they were spotted several times in public and in clubs, but the duo reportedly went their separate ways. Nengi is now rumored to be dating “Last Last” Crooner, Burna Boy.

What surgery did nengi do?

While in the house, the Bayelsa born confirmed that her only regret during the surgery was not blogging about it. Speaking on why she went for the procedure, the 22-year-old said, ”I have always wanted to do surgery because I felt like I had a really big stomach. ”I did liposuction, I only removed fat from my stomach.

Who is nengi boyfriend?

Nengi made the announcement of her relationship with Mbappe on Monday, January 16, 2023.

Is Tega debt free?

Company is virtually debt free. The company has an efficient Cash Conversion Cycle of 0 days.

Is Tega a good company?

its a good company and the the people works here are very good in their job. here we get a friendly environment.

Is Tega Industries a good company?

Tega is overall a good company. Its leaders are extremely business minded with a clear vision and mission. Management's thinking is well ahead of time. Thus it helps to get rid of recession cycle of business.

Is Nina BBNaija married?

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina Ivy, has remarried. According to This Day, the Imo State-born TV reality star got married to an African-American, Chris Miller. They met sometime in 2021 and dated for seven months before finally tying the knot privately in a court in the United States of America.

Who is the finest girl in BBNaija?

Top 10 Most Beautiful 2022 BBNaija Female Housemates
  • Beauty. Modella. Esther Gabriella Abimbola aka “Queen of content”, is one of newest housemate to join the Big Brother Naija Level Up House. ...
  • Modella. Phyna. ...
  • Phyna. Chomzy. ...
  • Chomzy. Chichi. ...
  • Chichi. Bella. ...
  • Bella. Amaka. ...
  • Amaka. Ilebaye. ...
  • Ilebaye. Allysyn.

Is nini biracial?

Is Nini BBN of mixed ethnicity? Yes, she comes from a mixed ethnic background of Indian-Nigerian heritage. Her mother is from Edo State, Nigeria, while her father is from India.

Is Emmanuel and Liquorose still in a relationship?

Liquorose and Emmanuel

The dancer further disclosed that she ended her relationship with Emmanuel because of his numerous escapades in and outside the house.

Is liquorice and emmanuel still dating?

Liquorose and Emmanuel also officially announced the end of their friendship and relationship to their fans. Asking them, “Is this done?”, the show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, got responses in the affirmative. Liquorose said, “Yeah, it's done.

Is Emmanuel BBN dating Liquorose?

Liquorose who denied his statement, stated that their relationship was defined and that she was his girlfriend. She said “It was defined, I was his girlfriend”. Emmanuel denied her statement as well saying “Unless I was not the one in the relationship.

Who is Angel BBNaija mother?

Former housemate in BBNaija's Shine Ya Eye edition, Angel Smith, popularly known as Angel has gifted her mum, Titi, a brand new iPhone 12 ahead of her birthday.

Who is the father of Tboss daughter?

Yakubu was identified as the father of Tboss' daughter and the man who broke her heart.

Who is Kaisha BBNaija father?

Kaisha's father is reportedly Alhaji Umar, the Sarkin (King) of Alaba and the traditional ruler of Binji Town in Sokoto State. Alhaji Umar is said to be a billionaire who mingles with prominent Nigerian politicians. Kaisha's mother is an Igbo woman from Orlu Town in Imo State.

What is Tega full name?

Full name: Tega Dominic. Don't Miss: Full list of Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates [NAMES, PICTURES and PROFILES)

What's the meaning of Tega?

Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer.

Which tribe is Laycon from?

Olamilekan Massoud Al-Khalifah Agbeleshebioba (born 8 November 1993), known professionally as Laycon, is a Nigerian media personality, rapper, singer and songwriter.
Years active2016–present
LabelsFierce Nation
7 more rows

Who is the most followed BBNaija housemate?

Laycon has a large fanbase with 3.5M followers on Instagram and 1.5M on Twitter. He broke a record, becoming the first housemate in the show's history to reach 1 million followers on Instagram while still in the house.

Where is Tega Big Brother housemate from?

By Damilola Ogunsakin

Tega who hails from Cross River State, Nigeria became the 15th housemate to be evicted on Sunday.

Is Racheal a fake housemate?

Biggie also gave fake Housemates Deji and Riders Rachel, and Chizzy a secret mission that they were to execute during the Live Show.

Why is Modella called fake housemate?

She is considered a “fake housemate” because she cannot be evicted until Biggie decides to send her out of the house. She was announced as a new member of the Level 2 House on Sunday to the surprise of other housemates who nervously anticipated an eviction on the night.

Is Modella a fake housemate?

Fake Housemate, Modella created a bond with many Level Up Housemates. The fun Show was filled with twists and a shocking Eviction of a Fake Housemate, Modella. Evicted Fake Housemate, Modella spoke to Ebuka about her role as a Fake HM, and her thoughts about how well she carried out the role.

Who did Tega kiss?

Last week, while she was still on the show, Tega set tongues wagging with a video that went viral on which featured her kissing fellow housemate, Boma while in bed. She also kissed Boma in front of the housemates and at the executive lounge where he spanked her.

What is Tega real name?

Fast facts about Tega BBNaija

She is a Nigerian reality TV star, businesswoman, actress, makeup artist and social media influencer. What is Tega BBN's real name? Her real name is Tega Offiong Dominic.

Why was Tega evicted?

The quartet – who were up for eviction along with other housemates except Jackie B and Jay Paul – were asked to leave the house after polling the lowest number of votes.

How was Tega evicted?

Tega was the first to be evicted. This did not come as a surprise because many BBNaija fans had seen it coming. Tega lost it at the tail end of her stay in the house by scandalously engaging in a relationship with Boma, which many saw as unbecoming of a woman who claimed to be married.

Who got pregnant in BBN?

Bisola was a guest on the popular #Talkwith TokeMakinwa show and she had a lot to share about her journey in the entertainment industry. However, a teaser video posted on her page captured the moment she made a shocking revelation about being pregnant.

Who is the owner of Big Brother Naija?

Although the Banijay Group of companies may be the current owner of the hit reality TV show, the Group did not start the franchise. The reality show was founded by John de Mol Jr. The owner, who is 67 years old in 2022, is a Dutch billionaire who made his fortune as a TV producer and a media mogul.

Where is OG Tega from?

I actually started off in Ikeja where I was born but my family later moved to Ikorodu where I continued my primary education in a Catholic school called St Margarete Nursery and Primary School.

What tribe is Tega BBN?

Full data profile of BBNaija housemate Tega
Full nameTega Offiong Dominic
Marital statusMarried
5 more rows
Aug 5, 2021

How old is BBNaija?

The first season of the show first aired on DStv Channel 37 from 5 March to 4 June 2006. In a twist to the game, two new contestants were introduced on Day 23, much to the excitement of the remaining housemates.

How old is BBN Ozo?

Ozoemena, popularly known as BBNaija Ozo, is a 27 years old Consultant and entrepreneur from Imo State.
Ozo's Biography.
Birth nameOzoemena Joseph Chukwu
Age29 (2022)
State of OriginImo State
Ozo's Net worth$45,000 (2022)
2 more rows

How old is nengi in BBN?

Nengi's Age

Research showed that Nengi is 26years old despite her claims that she is 22 years old while at the BBNaija House. Nengi is from Bayelsa State, a state in the south-south region in Nigeria.

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