Why did Mary and Jason break up? (2024)

Why did Mary and Jason break up?

Selling Sunset star Jason Oppenheim

Jason Oppenheim
Jason Oppenheim (born April 12, 1977) is an American real estate broker, attorney, influencer and reality TV personality.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Jason_Oppenheim
and model Marie Lou Nurk have closed on their relationship—citing long distance as the reason—10 months after the two started dating. Jason Oppenheim is back on the market.

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Why did Mary and Jason break up on Selling Sunset?

Selling Sunset's Jason Oppenheim, 46, has announced his split from girlfriend Marie Lou Nurk, 25, after 10 months of dating. Sharing the news on his Instagram Story, Jason cited the distance between them (Jason is in LA, whereas Marie is based in Paris) as the reason for their breakup.

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Is Jason still in love with Mary?

“While we still love and care about each other very much, the distance between us has proven to be too great a challenge to overcome,” the model, 25, and Selling Sunset star, 46, wrote in a joint statement, shared to their respective Instagram pages on Wednesday, May 31.

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Have Jason and Mary Lou broken up?

Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou Nurk have announced their breakup after 10 months together. Oppenheim's luxury real estate agency The Oppenheim Group is the focus of Netflix's hit reality TV show Selling Sunset.

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Did Mary used to date Jason or Brett?

Mary Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald and Oppenheim dated for about a year in 2014. “We had a lingering kind of period,” Fitzgerald said during a season 1 episode of Selling Sunset, noting that the twosome took a while to split for good. “We lived together.”

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Are Mary and Chrishell no longer friends?

“We're the kind of friends that even if we don't talk for a while, and there's a little something, we're both just very respectful to each other,” she said, adding that they're “fine” and “get along great.”

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How did Mary react to Chrishell and Jason dating?

Mary, who dated Jason on and off before the Netflix reality TV show began, is actually “over the moon” about the fact that the Oppenheim Group co-founder is now dating her fellow realtor, Chrishell. “I couldn't be more excited for them!

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Who is Jason's new girlfriend?

As usual, there's lots of drama from the Selling Sunset cast, with Christine Quinn officially out of the building and new OG girls Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young joining. As well as this, Chrishell Stause recently got married to artist G Flip, and Jason, 45, has a new girlfriend – 25-year-old model Marie-Lou.

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Who was made to fall in love with Jason?

Aeëtes promised to give the Fleece to Jason only if he could perform three certain tasks. Presented with the tasks, Jason became discouraged and fell into depression. However, Hera had persuaded Aphrodite to convince her son Eros to make Aeëtes's daughter, Medea, fall in love with Jason.

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Is Mary Selling Sunset pregnant?

'Selling Sunset' Star Mary Fitzgerald Reveals She Had a Miscarriage: 'There's Still Hope' Kimberlee Speakman is a digital writer at PEOPLE. She has been working at PEOPLE since 2022.


Do Crystal and Jason get together?

Jason and Chrishell are no longer together. The pair called it quits after five months together as Jason revealed that he didn't want to be a dad. Events shown in Selling Sunset season 5 took place before their split, and episode 10 sees Chrishell telling Emma Hernan that they have broken up.

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Is Chrishell still with Oppenheim Group?

Is Chrishell leaving the Oppenheim Group? As far as we know, no. Chrishell still has a profile on the Oppenheim Group website.

Why did Mary and Jason break up? (2024)

How much are the Oppenheim brothers worth?

Answer: Jason Oppenheim, the founder of The Oppenheim Group, and his twin brother Brett are the richest members of 'Selling Sunset'. Each have a net worth of USD 50 million.

Who ghosted Mary and Jason?

Selling Sunset fans know that after Emma brought up the allegation to Jason and Mary Fitzgerald, then the firm's managing director, the bosses asked Christine to come in so she could explain her side of the story. Christine texted Jason saying she'd come in, but ultimately never showed up and essentially ghosted them.

How rich is Mary from Selling Sunset?

Mary's net worth is approximately between $1 million and $2 million (£800k - £1.6m), which she has acquired from all the commissions she's earned through selling properties with The Oppenheim Group, over the years.

Why do Mary and Jason share a dog?

We were good friends before and we're much closer now,” Jason explained. Mary echoed this sentiment and added that there was a “transitional period.” What's more, after Mary “found the most amazing man,” a.k.a. Romain, she and Jason were on such great terms that they decided to adopt two dogs together — Zelda and Niko.

Why is Amanza not friends with Chrishell?

Chrishell later revealed in an interview on SiriusXM's Hits 1 that the pair fell out because she was trying to protect partner G Flip's first appearance on the show.

Is Mary happy for Chrishell and Jason?

"I couldn't be more excited for them! They are both two of my closest and dearest friends, so I'm over the moon that they're together and make each other so happy," the real estate agent, who married husband Romain Bonnet in fall 2019, says.

How much does Chrishell Stause make per episode?

Newer actors to the soap opera scene (which Chrishell was, at one point) earn around $500 per episode, per The List. Given that she starred in some bigger soaps and made regular appearances, it's more likely that she earned around $3000 per episode.

Who is Chrishell Stause married to?

Do Jason and Chrishell still love each other?

The romance, however, came to an end five months after they first went public. As Stause told PEOPLE in February 2022, she's "extremely proud" of their relationship, and the pair still has a lot of love for each other.

How does Christine feel about Jason and Chrishell?

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn said Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's whirlwind romance was “one-sided.” Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn believes Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim's former relationship was all for the cameras.

Who is Chrishell with now?

“Selling Sunset” star Chrishell Stause and musician G Flip are officially married.

Why does Jason remarry?

Lastly, Jason defends his choice to remarry as the best decision for all parties involved, rather than a selfish whim. Marriage with a king's daughter will secure a better life for his children, and Medea, if she could see past her jealousy, would be thankful to him.

Who was Jason's abandoned wife?

Euripides's 5th-century BCE tragedy Medea depicts the ending of her union with Jason, when after ten years of marriage, Jason abandons her to wed King Creon's daughter Creusa, and Medea and her sons from Jason are to be banished from Corinth.


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