Will there be a remake of Metal Gear Solid? (2023)

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Will we ever get a Metal Gear Solid remake?

Metal Gear Solid is said to be getting the remake treatment in a PS5 comeback.

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Will Metal Gear Solid 6 come?

Konami hasn't announced the sixth installment for the Metal Gear Solid franchise. However, inside sources suggest an announcement could be coming sooner rather than later in 2022/23. This suggest that behind the scenes, Konami could be developing Metal Gear Solid 6.

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Will Kojima make mgs6?

No Hideo Kojima, No Metal Gear Solid 6

Those who have played the The Phantom Pain know it is an unfinished game. From promises made by Hideo Kojima about MGS5, to files exorcised from the game itself, there is evidence of a lot of content that never made it into the game.

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Will Konami remake Metal Gear?

Golem also stated that the first three Metal Gear Solid games are getting the remastered treatment from Konami. He stated that Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 3 remasters are planned for release on all platforms, including Steam and consoles.

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Was Metal Gear Survive a flop?

Metal Gear Survive was a sizable failure, and considering the shady way in which Konami cut ties with Kojima, fans probably didn't have much sympathy. At the time of Survive's release, USgamer theorized that mediocre reviews led to the game's poor sales.

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Is MGS 5 unfinished?

The game's repeated missions and ending that left plot points unresolved, attributed with conclusive evidence of removed content, led some to label the game unfinished.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Developer(s)Kojima Productions
Director(s)Hideo Kojima
13 more rows

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Can Solid Snake beat Armstrong?

No, he could not. Solid Snake's best tools include firearms and explosives. He could shoot a sniper rifle from a mile away, or launch guided explosives until he ran out of ammunition, and still never scratch Armstrong's protective nanomachines.

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Will quiet return in MGS 6?

After beating it six times, the name of the mission will change from "Cloaked in Silence" to "Reunion." Players must complete "Reunion," and Quiet will return to her cell at the Medical Platform and once again become available for deployment.

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Is MGS 5 the last game?

It depends on what you mean. MGS5 The Phantom Pain is the last Metal Gear Solid title directed by Hideo Kojima, and the last Metal Gear starred by Snake. I doubt Konami will make any other MGS games, but sure they will make other Metal Gear games.

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Why did Konami let Kojima go?

Essentially, the split between Kojima and Konami was the result of clashing ideologies. Kojima, a visionary perfectionist who ignores the business side of development, versus Konami, a regimented company that shifted its focus to mobile games and maximizing profits.

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Is Metal Gear survive canon?

In addition, at the beginning of the video, the producer for the game confirmed that Survive wasn't canon to Metal Gear Solid V's story, calling Survive's story "apocryphal", and compared it to the Jamais Vu and Déjà Vu missions from Ground Zeroes.

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What should I play after MGSV?

Game Rant
  • God of War Ragnarok.
  • Gotham Knights.
  • Marvel Snap.
  • Overwatch 2.
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • Splatoon 3.
  • WoW: Wrath Of The Lich King Classic.
  • Elden Ring.
12 Nov 2021

Will there be a remake of Metal Gear Solid? (2023)
Will Raiden return Metal Gear?

Raiden returns as the main character in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is set four years after Metal Gear Solid 4.

Will Metal Gear Rising 2 ever happen?

MGR 2 is confirmed! For those who don't want to click: Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, the beautiful action game developed by Platinum Games released a while back on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, has been a welcome surprise for fans of action games thanks to its incredible gameplay experience.

Why did Konami remove Metal Gear?

The statement likely specifically relates to Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, which had to be removed from sale in November 2021 because, according to Konami, some of the real-life archive footage used in them had been licensed and those licences were now expired.

Is snake alive in Metal Gear?

While Liquid Snake seemingly dies in MGS 1 and should no longer be able to shout at his brother about having the recessive genes, he does technically live on in Metal Gear Solid 4. When Ocelot attaches Liquid Snake's arm to himself, Big Boss's nemesis sees his body slowly taken over by Liquid — for some reason.

Is snake still alive in Metal Gear Rising?

According to the Project Itoh novel for the game, Snake's last days were peaceful, traveling the world with Otacon and Sunny, passing on his story, before dying with a smile on his face, circa 2015.

How old is Metal Gear Survive?

Metal Gear Survive is a 2018 survival game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment and published by Konami. It was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February.

Does MGSV punish killing?

MGS V similarly punishes players for killing people by awarding them with Demon Points. The more kills you rack up, the more demonic playable character Venom Snake becomes.

How many endings does MGSV have?

Without its deleted finale, Metal Gear Solid V has no ending at all.

Is Venom Snake still alive?

As such, Venom Snake is the first Snake to die, having living in the shadow of Big Boss for so long the two characters were one in the same all the way to his death. Venom Snake lived as he died, building the legacy of Big Boss, and that's a symptom of a unique problem for MGS6.

What is the IQ of Solid Snake?

Snake possesses an IQ of 180 and is fluent in six languages. Solid Snake has been on the battlefield for most of his life, and says that it is the only place he feels truly alive. He is a hardened veteran, burying his emotions within himself during missions, every one of which has different motives.

How old is Raiden?

Raiden (MGS)
BornCirca. 1983
Age33 (2016)
Physical description
Eye colourBlue (occasionally glowed red after receiving optical implant in 2018)
18 more rows

Was Jetstream Sam a good guy?

Type of Villain

End of story. Jetstream Sam's final lecture in a nutshell, prior to fighting Raiden. Samuel Rodrigues, better known as Jetstream Sam or the Minuano, is a cyborg swordsman and one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Sundowner) of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Do you lose Quiet after Mission 45?

After completing Mission 45, You will lose track of Quiet and thus not be able to use her as buddy. However, with later patches it is now possible to bring her back to the Motherbase and further use her as a buddy.

What happens if Quiet speaks English?

In Quiet's case, it was English. So if she speaks English, she begins the spread of a terrible disease. A safety measure put into place by Skull Face to allow her to finish her mission by killing Venon Snake by speaking to him if she had failed.

Is Quiet in love with venom?

She was looking for the real snake. But gradually fell in love with Venom even thought she knew he wasn't BB.

How old is Solid Snake in mgs5?

FOXDIE put snake physically in his 60's. Solid and Liquid Snake are born at 1972 . That makes Solid 42 years old in 2014 . And yes all three Clones age at a certain point in their lifes rapidly faster .

Is Venom Snake a clone?

The now-infamous ending plot twist reveals that Venom Snake is simply a "clone" of Big Boss, a double created to distract the world while the real Big Boss betrays his allegiances to build Outer Heaven.

How old is Big Boss MGS?

Various Metal Gear info circulating the web, reads that Naked Snake (aka Big Boss) was born in 1936; making him roughly 28 years of age at the time of Operation Snake Eater.

Why did Pt get Cancelled?

P.T. was a casualty of the infamous Kojima/Konami divorce

In the end, even this storied history wasn't enough to keep the two from splitting. Konami saw a future in mobile gaming, and with new CEO Hideki Hayakawa at the helm, Kojima's games were no longer a priority.

Will Kojima ever make another MGS?

VGC's (opens in new tab) October 2021 report claims that Konami has a new Metal Gear project in early development and that it's also planning remasters of the original Metal Gear Solid games.

Is Sony buying Kojima?

Kojima Productions will remain an independent studio, despite what you may have heard (from Kojima Productions). Hideo Kojima has denied a rumor that Sony is preparing to acquire Kojima Productions (opens in new tab), saying that the whole thing is a "misunderstanding" started by a tweet posted by, uh, Hideo Kojima.

Is zero the villain of Metal Gear?

Zero is the central antagonist of the Metal Gear series, although Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would make him a tragic villain.

Is Rising Revengeance canon?

Yes – Metal Gear Rising is canon and the last chronological instalment in the Metal Gear series. However, it is a spin-off with few returning characters and minimal links to the stories of the previous games.

Are Twin Snakes canon?

So that is the reason why Twin Snakes was not included in HD Collection. So while the game was a retelling of the original, it was not considered canon due to the fact that there was no direct involvement by the creators themselves.

Is Raiden or snake better?

He's got a gravelly voice, a steely stare and an extremely good aim. But for as perfect as the first Metal Gear Solid is — and in large part because of Snake's unshakeable bravado — he has nothing on his successor, Metal Gear Solid 2's Raiden. Yep: Raiden is better than Snake.

Do you play as Snake in MGS5?

So long story short there are 3 snakes you play as, naked snake(big boss), venom(phantom) snake and finally solid snake.

How many hours does it take to 100% MGSV?

When focusing on the main objectives, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is about 45½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 164 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Why does Raiden bleed white?

Raiden, having received cybernetic implants by the Patriots, used this kind of blood. After he was badly injured from battling Gekko and Vamp during the Guns of the Patriots Incident, he would have died had Naomi Hunter and Sunny been unable to find an infusion of white blood and begin dialysis in time.

How old is Jetstream Sam?

Jetstream Sam
Samuel Rodrigues
AgeSomewhere in his Mid-30s
6 more rows

WHO adopted Raiden?

"Raiden's uncle is Solid Snake by law due to his relationship with Solidus Snake." Solidus didn't officially adopt Raiden; he found him and took him under his care, training him to be one of his soldiers.

Why did Raiden replace his jaw?

As a prisoner, the Patriots used Raiden as a test subject for experiments in exoskeletal enhancement surgery, during which he had his head and spine excised from his body from his lower jaw down and subsequently grafted into an enhanced synthetic body.

Why is MGS Rising so short?

Outside the 11 month design period, most P* games are short. Mostly to promote replay value more. If a game is fun there's no shame in playing it a dozen times, and you should as it's amazing! like MGS1 or MGS2 or MGS4 were longer.

Is Jetstream Sam a cyborg?

Samuel Rodrigues, also known as Jetstream Sam and Minuano (ミヌアノ, Minuano?), was a cyborg mercenary involved with the Desperado PMC group who fought against Raiden during the events of 2018.

Who is the true villain in Metal Gear Solid?

Zero (real name David Oh), better known as Cipher, is the overarching antagonist of the Metal Gear series. He is a supporting character in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and the overarching antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Peace Walker, and Metal Gear Solid V.

Will Metal Gear ever come back?

Konami confirms that the Metal Gear series will return.

Is MGS over?

Is the Metal Gear franchise over? Yes, the Metal Gear series as we have come to know it is essentially over. Although the Metal Gear license still lies in the hands of Konami, the essential identity of the Metal Gear Solid series comes from Hideo Kojima's distinct style and approach to design and story.

Will Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 come back?

Konami says "preparations are underway" to bring the games back following their delisting in 2021. The very first Metal Gear launched on July 13, 1987—exactly 35 years ago today.

Will they ever remake Twisted Metal?

Lucid Games, the developers behind Destruction All-Stars, are set to work on a new Twisted Metal game.

Are they going to remake Twisted Metal?

Sony has officially announced that it is reviving the Twisted Metal series. Instead of a new game, however, it's making a television series. The announcement was made during Sony's CES 2022 keynote, alongside official details for PlayStation VR 2 (opens in new tab).

Is Bluepoint remaking Metal Gear Solid?

For those hoping for a remake of Metal Gear Solid, it's still plausible, but it sounds like it won't be via Bluepoint, which means it probably wouldn't be a PS5 exclusive either.

Is Solid Snake a clone of Big Boss?

Snake was one of the children born of the 1972 project Les Enfants Terribles. He was created as a clone of the world-renowned soldier Big Boss, along with his brothers Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake.

How many endings does Metal Gear Solid have?

There are two endings in Metal Gear Survive. The main ending is unlocked by simply beating the main campaign. The alternate ending is unlockable during the final mission of the story. The two are vastly different and the alternate ending even ties into Metal Gear Solid V a little bit.

Why was Twisted Metal Cancelled?

Reasons for the cancellation largely stem from the underwhelming performance of Twisted Metal 2012 – after that game, Sony was convinced that there wasn't a large enough fanbase for a Twisted Metal movie, and that in order to do the concept of Twisted Metal justice (namely, for all the explosions and various instances ...

Is there a Twisted Metal 4?

Twisted Metal 4 is a vehicular combat video game developed by 989 Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation. The game was released in North America on October 31, 1999 and was re-released for the Sony Greatest Hits line-up in 2000.

What is the last Twisted Metal?

Twisted Metal (2012) is the most recent game in the Twisted Metal series. It features multiple drivers and tracks.

Who won Twisted Metal 1?

To further the storyline, Outlaw is the winner of this tournament. This is the first out of the four games in the TM series to feature the Password screen. This, as well as TM2, are the only games in the series released on a non-Sony console.

Is Rob Zombie in Twisted Metal?

Rob Zombie (or Mr. Zombie in the game) is a contestant who makes his first and so far only appearance in Twisted Metal 4. He has yet to appear in other Twisted Metal games.

Is Twisted Metal Black a reboot?

Twisted Metal: Black is a vehicular combat video game developed by Incognito Entertainment and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America for the PlayStation 2 video game console. Santa Monica Studio assisted on development. It is a reboot of the Twisted Metal series and was released on June 18, 2001.

Did Raiden meet Solid Snake?

Raiden then met with Snake, who gave him most of his equipment back, along with Olga's high-frequency blade.

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